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Youth section presentation
BBQ and Pig Race


Under 11 Hardball


The Youth section came together at the end of the playing season to celebrate their wins, losses and progress made over the season.

Great fun was had by all with medals and trophies and appreciated gifts made to coaching staff as a thank you for all their efforts over the season.

Thanks to all those involved including Team managers, Wes Bell and James Palmer for their hard work getting teams out. Thank you to parents for their wonderful teas which would put Lords to shame.

A fabulous BBQ and culminated in a hilarious fluffy Pig race at the end.

6 A Side Tournament 

Our Yearly 6 a side tournament kicked off with 6 teams of 6. We had the, Swinging 60's, The Broke Bats, 23 Cowling Cowboys, We Bring Our Own Jugs, Ring Of Bells and the Good the Bald and the Oldies, Great fun was had by all with a fabulous BBQ, fun and hilarious cricket, some newcomers and some oldies. The very old and the very young all joining together to play cricket. Hardball an softball all competing together in the spirit of family, fun and a shared love of cricket. the winners ultimately went to the 23 Cowling Cowboys, who are our newcomers from Penzance for this year. 


Banana Man and The Flash from Team Broke Bats

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